Sunday, July 18, 2010

Importance Of Business In The Present Day World

Business is important for providing goods and services. These products or services in the present day world are provided by entrepreneurswho organize, manage and assume the risk of starting businesses mainly for earning profit. Business makes the best possible use of scarce resources such as men, machines and materials for the production of goods. The importance of business can be explained under following heads.
1. Production of goods and services
The raw material produced from agriculture, mining, forestry, fishing etc., provide raw materials for the manufacturers of consumer and producer goods. For instance, agriculture provides food such as grains! vegetables. Mines provide metals which are used in factories and firms. Coal, another product of n,ne is a very useful source of power Forestry, provides us timber which is needed for the construction of building, furnitures, paper, etc.

Manufacturing uses the raw materials of agriculture, mining, forestry, fishing. etc., and makes a variety of consumer and capita! goods which are needed by the consumers. Without manufacturing, the business will stand idle. There would be no automobiles, no roads! no airplanes, no eleQtr’c power, etc. To sum up, the Industrial occupations which are concerned with the growing, extracting and manufacturing of material goods are cornerstone of business.

2. Distribution aspect of business
The thstribution aspect of business is very complex. The goods which are produced should reach the consumers at the right place, right time and at right price also. Business due to seif-intefest of earning profits, provides goods to the peop’e both within and outside the country. The transport industries facilitate the movement of goods from one place to another where they are wanted. Finance, banking and insurance greaUy contribute in the financing of business. Without banks, investment and insurance companies, commerce and industry would not have deveLoped on an extensive scale.

3. Business supplies services
Though the service organizations do not contribute directly in the production of goods but they facilitate in the production and distribution of goods to the customer& The major services which arc growing in importance with each passing year are banking and finance, insurance, medical and health] Legal, engineering and other professionals, hotS, domestic servants, education, automobile repairs. etc., etc, the services which perform simple or difficult tasks for earning money are regarded an important part of business.

4. Business help in raising standard of living
Business has helped people to earn a living either as owners of business or as employees. The mass production of standard goods! specialization, automation have increased the incomes of those who are directly or indirectly engaged in business. Higher incomes have led to the increase in the standard of living of the people. Business also pays a large share of taxes to a government

5. Creation of customers
The business of today is creating markets for its customers alL over the world by introducing new products, new methods of distribution such as e-corrmerce, tele shopping etc.It help to maintain the goodwill of business by increasing the customers.

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Business Business:Economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for one another or money, on the basis of their perceived worth. Every business requires some form of investment and a sufficient number of customers to whom its output can be sold at profit on a consistent basis.